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What is the difference between woven or printed ties?

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What is the difference between woven or printed ties?

Update Time:2019-08-26
Woven ties have a richer texture, and are great for showcasing a distinct emblem.  Weaving the design makes it part of the fabric itself, not embroidered on top of a preexisting tie.  Because weaving relies on arranging threads in the fabric, designs that are very complex may be better for digital printing.  There is a limit of six solid, flat colors for weaving designs as well.

While our manufacturers do their best to match Pantone colors in a tie design, they must match the available woven thread colors to the design colors, so sometimes there is a small variation in color from the design to the final woven product.

Printed ties generally use digital printing, which is similar to inkjet printing for fabric and allows for the ties to have full colors and gradients.  It is ideal for designs that have many colors or that are too complex to be reproduced with weaving, such as artwork or photographs.  Digital printing is the best method to match Pantone colors as closely as possible. However, tiny details and text are less crisp with digital printing than weaving ties.

Both digitally printing and weaving ties take about 5-6 weeks for the full order to come in.